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Leicester, a city brimming with rich history and vibrant culture, offers an exciting array of casinos for both locals and visitors. These casinos not only promise thrilling gaming experiences but also come with a plethora of entertainment options and amenities. This review article delves into the leading casinos in Leicester, comparing various aspects, and providing recommendations to help you choose the best place to try your luck.

Casino Leicester Comparison

Below, we compare three major casinos in Leicester: Grosvenor Casino, Admiral Casino, and Mecca Bingo and Slots. Our comparison covers gaming options, ambiance, customer service, and additional features.

Gaming Options

Gaming options are paramount when evaluating a casino. Here is a comparative table:

Casino Berlino

Casino Table Games Slot Machines Live Poker
Grosvenor Casino Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat 100 Yes
Admiral Casino Roulette, Blackjack 80 No
Mecca Bingo and Slots Roulette 50 No


A casino’s ambiance can significantly enhance the gaming experience. Here’s our take:

Adjarabet Casino

  • Grosvenor Casino: Offers a sophisticated and elegant environment with first-class facilities.
  • Admiral Casino: Provides a lively and energetic atmosphere, appealing to a younger crowd.
  • Mecca Bingo and Slots: Known for its laid-back and friendly setting, making it a favorite among casual gamers.

Customer Service

Customer service can make or break the overall casino experience. Here’s how the leading casinos in Leicester compare:

  1. Grosvenor Casino: Renowned for its professional and attentive staff, ensuring that every guest feels valued.
  2. Admiral Casino: Friendly and efficient service, though it can be a bit slower during peak hours.
  3. Mecca Bingo and Slots: Warm and approachable staff, particularly adept at engaging with first-time visitors.

Additional Features

Additional features such as dining, entertainment, and loyalty programs can further enhance your visit:

  • Grosvenor Casino: Boasts a top-notch restaurant offering gourmet cuisine, a bar, and live entertainment events.
  • Admiral Casino: Provides a small café with snacks and beverages, and occasional live DJ performances.
  • Mecca Bingo and Slots: Features a casual dining area with a decent menu and regular bingo events.


Based on the comparisons, here are our recommendations:

Supercat Casino

  • Best Overall Experience: Grosvenor Casino
  • Best for Slot Enthusiasts: Admiral Casino
  • Best for Casual Gamers: Mecca Bingo and Slots

User Reviews

“Grosvenor Casino offers an unparalleled experience with its elegant ambiance and outstanding customer service. Highly recommend!” – Jane D.

“Admiral Casino is my go-to spot for a fun night out with friends. The atmosphere is always buzzing!” – Alan B.

“Mecca Bingo and Slots is perfect for a relaxed evening. The staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming.” – Sarah M.


In conclusion, Leicester’s casinos offer a diverse range of gaming and entertainment options to cater to an array of tastes. The Grosvenor Casino stands out for its overall excellence, while Admiral Casino attracts slot machine enthusiasts, and Mecca Bingo and Slots is a haven for casual gamers. Each venue brings unique strengths that ensure any visitor to Leicester can find a casino to enjoy.

For more details, visit the official pages of these casinos: Grosvenor Casino Leicester, Admiral Casino, Mecca Bingo and Slots.

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